Video Production

Every project is different and we make sure you get what you need to do it right. Have questions? Check out our standard video production process below and then schedule your free consultation!


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Every project starts with a free consultation where we talk about your project, what you need, and your production schedule.

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Treatment Writing and Storytelling

Need help with developing your concept or script? Together we'll create a storyboard, shot list, production schedule, and whatever else is needed to get your project off the ground.


Filming and Audio Recording

Roll the tape and let the magic happen. We use the highest quality, industry-standard equipment to capture the action from every angle.


Video Editing

Post-production starts with video editing. We'll cut together the best takes so you can see your project begin to come together.

Audio Mixing

Video is both a visual and audio medium. We make sure the audio sounds as good as your visuals look.

Color Grading

Color grading makes every shot pop and allows us to lend your project a cohesive feel.


We finish your project with titles and any other necessary graphics.