St. Paul Studio

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873 Iowa Ave, St Paul, MN 55117

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About the Studio

Cloverleaf Audio-Visual was founded with one purpose - to make your creative dreams a reality, and to make that process as simple as possible. Whether you need demos or a fully-produced album with music videos, our experienced team can make it happen. 

We seek to inspire and encourage artistic creativity throughout the production process by making every client feel welcome and comfortable so that truly-expressive, uninhibited creation can happen during every session. We strive to make every project shine like gold, and we always aim for our clients to leave the studio feeling completely satisfied - no matter what.

The studio itself was built in the Fall of 2015 by North Orbit Acoustics and opened its doors for business in December the same year. The live room and control room were both designed to be incredibly versatile, well-treated, and well-isolated. In fact, the rooms don’t even touch each other! The two rooms are separated by an inch of airspace between the ultra-thick, highly-insulated walls (STC 60 for the nerds), and both rooms sit on their own floating floor system which decouples the rooms almost entirely from outside vibrations. 

The live room features warm colors, vintage instruments, and a window overlooking a garden. Depending on the size of the instruments, about seven musicians can fit in the live room comfortably. The room’s live-end/dead-end acoustic design makes the room perfect for recording drums, guitar, bass, vocals, horns, strings, or really anything else that can fit in the room. 

The control room has professional-grade equipment, superb acoustics, and (most importantly) a comfortable couch. It has a reverb time of less than 200 ms and an astoundingly flat frequency response. The room’s cool colors and cozy vibe make it an ideal room for writing, recording, mixing, or simply hanging out.



We re-recorded the narration for [my] film and the quality of these recordings at the Cloverleaf studio really improved the film.
— Tony D.

The Crew



Owner, Producer, Engineer, Videographer, Studio Guru

Originally from Billings, Montana, Matt Grosso has spent the majority of his life writing songs and playing loud music. He began recording music at the age of 12 and took first place in a statewide songwriting contest with his first song. At age 14 he started filming and editing music videos.

Since then he's performed at Carnegie Hall and earned a BS in Music Production from McNally Smith College of Music. He's worked with a diverse set of artists and genres, and his work has been featured on radio and TV stations around the country.

Matt is also a passionate pogonotrophist and coffee lover.

Matt was great at making things go smoothly and efficiently! Very professional and easy to work with.
— Kristin D.


Producer, Engineer, Hip Hop Extraordinaire

Max's production skills have been evolving since he began experimenting with recording at 14. He continued his training at Main Street School of Performing Arts and McNally Smith College of Music’s music production program. 

His work has been featured on terrestrial radio, blogs, and mixtapes around the country. His influences span many continents and include a strong love for hip hop, jazz, reggae, electronic music, and experimental music. Max has also performed everywhere from Duluth to Bangkok. 

When he’s not in the studio or on stage, he is likely spinning fire, riding a skateboard or sleeping in a hammock.

Max, the extraordinary engineer, is excellent at what he does. He set up a wonderful environment to relax and prep for vocal recordings.

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The Official Studio Cat

Cuddle with this furry little ball of joy between takes. He was rescued during a severe thunder storm around 3-4 weeks of age. With no mother or owner to be found, our neighbors took him in and nursed him back to health. They couldn’t take care of him for long so Matt adopted him at 6 weeks, and this little kitty has been loving life ever since.

He was named after the composer, Felix Mendelssohn, and the storm he was found in. Some of Felix’s passions are chasing anything that moves and demanding love and attention with his cute kitten eyes. 

He’s the perfect studio companion for anyone looking to record in a fun environment.