From first entrance, the vibe is welcoming and totally relaxed. The recording process was smooth and quality was great; I would recommend recording with Cloverleaf to anyone. It’s a great experience!
— Haily J.


$45/Hour or $400/Day

Microphones, pre-amps, compressors…oh my! We’ll take care of the technical stuff so that you can do what you do best, making sound. Solo artists, bands, voiceovers, and more - we’ve got you covered.


$45/Hour or $400/Day

Vocal a little flat? Snare a bit early? Bass player missed a note? Don’t worry. We’ll polish your track up and make sure your performance sounds perfect before anyone else hears it.



Professionally produced songs, albums, audio books, and videos all have one thing in common: killer mixing. When you’re done recording and editing your song or video, mixing the audio is the next crucial step. Using a combination of software and hardware, we’ll balance all the volumes between tracks, improve the tones, and make your project sound radio, TV, and internet ready.



The important last step in any professional audio production, mastering is the polishing of the final mix with overall leveling and frequency shaping. If you’ve got a mixed song or album, send it our way. We’ll gladly master it for you!



$45/Hour or $400/Day

Sometimes a little bit of musical assistance is needed to turn a song idea into a polished, finished track. Songwriting, beat production, arranging, part writing…we do it all!


Starting at $400/Day

In today's era of music and entertainment, it's important to have a visual accompaniment to audio. Not only does Cloverleaf Audio provide killer audio, we also offer a wide variety of video production services to help improve your visibility. Whether it’s an audition, album behind-the-scenes, or even a full-scale music video, Cloverleaf Audio can help you be seen.


$150/Half Day & $250/Full Day

Are you a freelance producer or engineer looking for a place to work? Look no further. Cloverleaf Audio is incredibly comfortable and has plenty of gear options to make your professional production a success. We’ll also provide you with an assistant engineer so you can focus on your craft and not fret about unfamiliar equipment.



Want to learn how to do what we do? We don’t keep secrets. We’ll gladly teach you! We teach two hour lessons. During the first hour we’ll demonstrate and explain various software, hardware, and production techniques. During the second hour you’ll get hands-on experience with what we’ve demonstrated, and we’ll be there to guide you through it.