Audio & Music Production

Every project is different and we make sure you get what you need to do it right. Have questions? Check out our standard audio production process below and then schedule your free consultation!


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Every project starts with a free consultation where we talk about your project, what you need, and your production schedule.

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Composition and Arranging

We’re happy to help you finalize your songs with composition and arranging services.



Roll the tape and let the magic happen. We use the highest quality, industry-standard equipment to capture the action from every angle.



Editing takes many forms but primarily starts with fixing any pitch and timing issues. We'll go as in depth as you want.


Mixing is the process of .making each instrument sound exactly the way you pictured. Need your guitars to sound like you're an arena rock band from the 80s and your vocals to sound smoky and intimate? We got you.


Mastering gives your track the the shimmer and glow and helps bring everything to life.